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Become a Brand Ambassador


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As an entry level Royal Black Brand Ambassador you will be occasionally posting Royal Black Advertisements via your social media account/s. These ad's will be prepared and sent to you by a representative. These will be new clothing release Ad's, Model Ad's, and or Sales or special event Ad's. Then as an Ambassador you simply spread the word about Royal Black, using general promotional tactics. As a Level 1 Ambassador you will receive your own exclusive store discount code, which you will then use to promote and generate sales for you and the brand. For completing these tasks effectively, you will receive free Royal Black clothing sent to you via a representative. If the Ambassador wishes to take his or her work further and become promoted to Senior or Executive Ambassador, the Ambassador will work their way up to begin earning additional free clothing with the option of receiving cash rewards, after referring customers and successfully generating sales for the company. We look forward to working with you, and helping you to earn free premium clothing, and cash rewards.

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